Since 2004, Community Based Care of Central Florida has served local children and families who have been victims of — or are at risk of — abuse, neglect or abandonment. With the support of the community, we will be able to protect and inspire every child, every day.

Fill the Shoes of Your Favorite Dance Team!

Which team is going to win “Most Popular Couple”? The couple with the most votes by
the night of the event will claim the title! Each vote equals $1.

How do you vote? It’s easy! Just simply add the dollar amount to the dance shoes of the team you would like to support and click “Vote” button at the bottom of the page.

All donations are tax deductible and may be eligible for your employers matching gift program!

Angela Halladay and Jose Perez
Angela Halladay
Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Vistana Signature Experiences
Jose Perez
Dance It Studio
Total: $3187.99
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Angie Sola and Richard Ortiz
Angie Sola
Corporate Citizenship Manager, Walt Disney World Resort
Richard Ortiz
Total: $2453.00
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Valencia Feijoo and Eddie Rivera
Valencia Feijoo
Assistant Base Manager, Southwest Airlines
Eddie Rivera
Dance It Studio
Total: $900.00
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Gerry Glynn and Stephanie Gonzalez
Gerry Glynn
Chief Legal Officer, Community Based Care of Central Florida
Stephanie Gonzalez
Total: $13505.00
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George Waldenberger and Meghan McNash
George Waldenberger
Meteorologist, WFTV Channel 9
Meghan McNash
Dance With Meghan and Dance It Studio
Total: $7753.01
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Ryan Cipriani and Hannah Pickard
Ryan Cipriani
Market Associate, Expedia
Hannah Pickard
Wind Turn Ballroom Dance and Dance It Studio
Total: $711.00
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